Citadel Heavy Duty Slide Gate


Citadel heavy duty slide gates would include all cantilever gates with openings less than 30’.  Industrial cantilever gates are designed with a single enclosed aluminum track. Our single track systems utilize a single extrusion for both the track and top horizontal structure member. No mechanical fasteners or welding. This single extrusion design provides a seamless connection between the gate frame and track system. All of our cantilever gates utilize a stainless steel cable truss system in a cross pattern shape in-between each vertical upright. This not only provides for a well trussed gate but also the ability to make adjustments when necessary. Our truck assemblies are designed for high-use and extreme weather conditions. Our trucks utilize sealed self-lubricating bearings. All of our cantilever gates meet the industry UL325 and ASTM 2200 standards, providing proper infill spacing and roller covers.

The Design

Single Track System

  • Heavy milled aluminum truck bodies
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • 6 & 10 wheel truck assemblies


Cable Truss

  • Solid aluminum gussets
  • Adjustable stainless steel hardware
  • 3/16” aircraft cable

Aluminum Framework

  • 2” square vertical uprights
  • 2” – 5” wide bottom track assemblies
  • All welded construction per AWS D1.2
  • Lightweight, welded structure

Safe, Secure Access

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CAD Drawings

Chain Link Aluminum – Single Track