Hercules Louvered Swing Gates

The Atlas louvered industrial swing gate collection is the ultimate solution louvered architectural screening applications when appearance matters. Our Atlas industrial swing gates resemble bank vault doors with our 4” x 2” tubular outer framework encapsulating our 3” x 3” interior angle framework. This is an industrial gate design when aesthetics are critical. Supporting aluminum louvers, our Atlas industrial swing gates must continue to provide solid air flow and no visibility. Unlike any other industrial gate manufacture, Atlas industrial gates are sweep blasted and powder coated in an endless number of colors.

Instructions: How to Install a Commercial Gate


  • Double framed structural aluminum fully welded framework.
  • Bank vault-like doors. Four inches wide. Smooth contemporary finish.
  • Designed exclusively to support our architectural Hercules Louvers
  • Powder coated all aluminum framework and louvers
  • Professional internal locking systems and heavy-duty proprietary Gorilla hinges.


Widths: Standard widths are 10’, 12’, 16’ & 20’. However, we offer unlimited opening sizes based on our engineering.

Heights: Standard heights are 6’, 8’, & 10’. However, we offer unlimited heights sizes based on our engineering.

Frame: 3” x 2” Structural hollow U-shape tube.

Infills: Mini Louvered, Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal

Panel Infill Options


PalmSHIELD horizontal louvered industrial gates are perfect for providing excellent ventilation while keeping items out of sight from others. Horizontal louvered gates are custom fabricated to each application, allowing end users to select the amount of visibility and air flow by varying louver spacing.

Louver dimensions: 1/8” x 3”

Installed louver profile: 2” x 2.873”

Openness: 64%


Looking for a more contemporary gate design?  Diagonal louvered gates provide a real eye-catching appeal. When architects and designers are looking for that really unique design that may be the focal point, diagonal louvered industrial swing gates are perfect for enclosing outdoor patios and cafes’.

Louver dimensions: 2” x 1” tubular

Installed louver profile: 2” x 1”

Openness: 50%


Vertical louvered industrial gates are very popular for architectural screen enclosures when designers and architects want to match an existing design. At any angle, vertical louvered industrial swing gates have 100% coverage yet still maintain good air flow. The louvers may be adjusted to increase air flow and establish some visibility or to allow light to pass.

Louver dimensions: 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” angle

Installed louver profile: 1 ¼”

Openness: 33%

Mini Louver

Mini-louvers provide a slimmer design with a single extrusion that includes smaller 1” wide louvers as part of a perforated back panel.  This is a perfect application requiring a thinner appearance and no visibility.  The back panel provides screening from small intruders.

Design:  Single extrusion combination of louvers and perforated back panel. Very little visibility as the louvers slightly overlap in combination with the perforated sheet.

Thickness:  1” wide

Width:  6” tall panels are interlocking to form a consistent louver design.