Sampson Swing Gates


  • Structural aluminum fully welded framework
  • All gate designs are based on our proven engineering principles for gravity and wind load
  • Designs use full encapsulation of infill materials. No screws. Finished both sides.
  • Powder coated all aluminum framework.
  • Professional internal locking systems and heavy-duty proprietary Gorilla hinges.


Widths: Standard widths are 10’, 12’, 16’ & 20’. However, we offer unlimited opening sizes based on our engineering.

Heights: Standard heights are 6’, 8’, & 10’. However, we offer unlimited heights sizes based on our engineering.

Frame: 3” x 2” Structural tubular U-shape tube.

Infills: Solid, Mini Louvered, Semi-Private, Element

Solid Infill Options


The solid aluminum screening incorporates a very modern tubular design.  The aluminum tongue and groove planks set horizontally or vertically to match your facilities’ exterior finishes.  The tongue and groove planks are very attractive with chamfered corners and middle structural indentation.

Design: Tongue & groove

Thickness: 1”

Width: 5 ½” wide planks


PalmSHIELD has partnered with PlyGem Vinyl Products incorporating their popular Woodland Select series products.  This vinyl selection includes a selection of wood-grain impressions in very popular colors/  All the vinyl profiles are either tubular or tongue and groove planks.  PalmSHIELD has selected PlyGem vinyl products because of their superior color retention and structural designs.  

Design: Tongue & groove

Thickness: 1”

Width: 6” wide planks


PalmSHIELD has selected the Endeck’s cellular series materials.  Endeck boards are strong, durable, engineered to resist sagging, and lighter in weight than composite, capped composite or most treated wood deck boards. The embossed woodgrain on both sides of Endeck’s cellular PVC deck boards mimic the look and feel of real wood.  Each plank incorporates the rough sewn textured surface on both sides. Covered by our exceptional Warranty, Endeck comes in seven colors – three Monochromatic soft earthy colors in our Woodland™ Series and four rich dark rich colors in our Forest™ Series  

Design: Standard rectangular shape

Thickness: 1”

Width: 5 ½”

Panel Infill Options

Mini Louvered

PalmSHIELD’s Mini-Louver provides a slimmer design with a single extrusion that includes smaller 1” wide louvers as part of a perforated back panel.  This is a perfect application requiring a thinner appearance and no visibility.  The back panel provides screening from small intruders.

Design:  Single extrusion combination of louvers and perforated back panel. Very little visibility as the louvers slightly overlap in combination with the perforated sheet.

Thickness:  1” wide

Width:  6” tall panels are interlocking to form a consistent louver design.


PalmSHIELD‘s TIBERIUS architectural semi-private aluminum gate infill is a great option for offering both privacy and ventilation. The aluminum frame and matching aluminum horizontal planks offers a contemporary and industrial finish matching today’s modern industrial contemporary style. The semi-private pattern with a two-inch standard air space and five-inch-wide planks offers a solution when you want a gate that complements your structure’s exterior finishes but allows for airflow and breaks-up the overall appearance. The Tiberius is available in both aluminum and Endeck solid cellular planks.

Material: Aluminum

Design:  Standard rectangular shape

Thickness:  1”

Width: 5”


Element Screening utilizes the same Solid Screening Infill Options listed above, and also provides a field flexible solution for unique installations. Element Screening is very economical for tight budgets.  It is the perfect combination for large enclosures with varied site conditions.  Element screening maintains PalmSHIELD’s exceptionally high standards by continuing to include a fully framed system.

Material: Aluminum, Vinyl, Composite

Hardware: Gorilla Hinge, Locinox, Drop Pin


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Locinox Latch

PalmSHIELD incorporates the Locinox FortyLock mortise lock into all of our gates with lockable drop rods.

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Standard Latch

PalmSHIELD’s standard keyed internal latch provides some unique features assuring safe and secure access.

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Gorilla Hinge

PalmSHIELD has designed its own line of industrial hinges strong and flexible enough to pair with any gate.

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Panic Bars

PalmSHIELD utilizes DAC Industries, Inc. for their wide selection of panic bar options. You can find one that’s perfect for your project with their reliable and versatile product lines.

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Freedom Bracket

PalmSHIELD’s revolutionary new Freedom Bracket provides a flexible mounting option when post arrangements are not ideal.

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Gate Closer

PalmSHIELD has once again chosen Locinox for a variety of proven top-of-the-range gate closers for large or small gates.

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Ultra Latch

The Ultra Latch, by The American Fence Company, is the only non-removable, no-cut, anti-cut padlock, two-sided gate latch available.