Citadel Box Cantilever Gate

The Design

Double Track System

  • Tracks are separated up to 24” with extensive horizontal 2” square aluminum diagonal trussing to form solid horizontal support
  • Utilizes proven engineered box truss design for vertical and horizontal loading
  • Double track design allows for balanced distribution of weight

Cable Truss

  • Solid aluminum gussets
  • Adjustable stainless steel hardware
  • 3/16” aircraft cable
  • Engineered to support extended openings

Aluminum Framework

  • 2” square vertical uprights
  • Fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions
  • All welded construction per AWS D1.2
  • Lightweight, welded structure

CAD Drawings

Chain Link Aluminum Box Framed – 8ft and Less


Chain Link Aluminum Box Framed – 8ft and Up



Industrial Box Cantilever Gate

For openings in excess of 60’, America’s Gate Company recommends a box framed cantilever gate design.   A box framed cantilever gate design is rooted in the simple engineering design elements of a standard truss system. A box cantilever gate is basically two cantilever gates that form a mirror image of one another spaced approximately 24” apart. The distance between the gate frames may be engineered based on the size of opening or demand for support under heavy winds. A series of truss members are placed between the two gate panels to form a pattern of diagonal trusses. Much like a steel building ceiling truss, a box cantilever gate uses four truss systems to create a very rigid overall framework under high winds and/or a heavy load. All of our box framed cantilever gates utilize our stainless steel cable truss system. Careful consideration is given to the design of these truss system that not only support the weight of the gate but also any wind loading. Our box framed cantilever gates use our 10 wheel heavy-duty truck assemblies. All of our box framed series slide gates meet the industry UL325 and ASTM 2200 standards.

Safe, Secure Access

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