The Ultra Latch, by The American Fence Company, is the only non-removable, no-cut, anti-cut padlock, two-sided gate latch available. No bolt cutters can reach the lock. No hand saw will not get through this lock. This innovative gate latch is exclusively available through America’s Gate Company. Purchase the Ultra Latch online today.

Our customers who are energy providers were demanding a lock that could prevent others from simply cutting the padlock or lock. Their facilities are not constantly manned or supervised. They needed a security option that would deter others from an easy entry into their facilities. Today, several of the Nation’s largest energy providers are specifying use of our exclusive Ultra Latch at their facilities to provide the ultimate in security.

This amazing lock provides multiple options and fits multiple installations. Although we kept it simple, we have a great deal to share about all the options and features.

  • The single swing lock has a thin 2” inch profile. This was a challenge during the design phase but absolutely necessary so that it could be used on existing gate installations.
  • It is accessible from both sides of the fence without having to cut a hole in the gate or fence. You may simply tilt the padlock in or out.
  • It prevents any possibility of cutting the padlock. There is no way to get a bolt cutter into the lock body.
  • It protects the padlock from collecting snow and ice. An added feature but appreciated in areas with winter climates.
  • It fits padlocks with 11/2” hasp.  Flip the lock body 180 degrees and it will fit locks with a 2 ½” hasp. This was specifically engineered to eliminate the need replace your padlock to fit your lock.
  • It fits openings much wider than 2” with its 8” long fork latch.  The double drive latch is turned-out on the end to catch the receiver.
  • There are two options to attach the lock.  You may through bolt it by drilling a hole in the gate posts or gate frame.  It is not removable.  When the lock is in the closed position the upper nut is not accessible. The lower nut is extremely difficult to remove.
  • The lock is available with a 3″ or 4″ u-bolt for the single swing or a 1 5/8″ or 2″ for the double drive.   The u-bolt has one end with T-connection and the other with a nut.  The T-connection goes to the public side so the u-bolt cannot be removed.
  • The single swing is extraordinarily simple with only two pieces and two bolts or one u-bolt.  The double drive is four pieces with hardware.
  • Both locks are built like a tank.  The forks are 2” x ¼” thick bar.
  • The double drive lock includes a 4″ wide receiver that when tightened is almost impossible to slide or twist.  For ultimate security, you can through bolt the receiver to the gate frame.

The Ultra Latch innovatively includes all of these features in a single, highly secure locking device. Patent pending.

Download Specifications and CAD Drawings for the Ultra Latch