How to Maintain your Temporary Fence: Tips and Tricks

As a rental item, the party who rented temporary fencing has the responsibility to maintain it. Listed below are some pieces of advice from us for maintaining your temporary fence to avoid any fees at the end of your rental.

  • During the warmer months weeds will surely grow up, around and through your chain link mesh. Pulling weeds out of the materials can also be near impossible. In some cases, the renter would be better off to just dispose of the fence materials and charge the customer for damages. Contractors should spray and mow around the fence during their rental period. This will also improve visibility and discourage potential criminals from hiding in the tall grasses.
  • Fence materials removed for access need to be stored and accounted for onsite. Contractors are always removing and relocating temporary fencing. No matter how much materials get shifted or changed, be sure to not let the rental materials leave the site. It may be convenient to move a couple panels to another site, but it can also be quite costly. Rental firms do track the quantities installed and will bill you the full retail price for any missing pieces.
  • Temporary fence panel stands are typically weighed down with sand. For optimum performance, check each day to make sure all sand bags and blocks are still soundly placed to hold down the stand. Sand bags may bust open or blocks may slide off. Under even moderate winds, a weighted temporary fence panel installation will blow over like dominos if not weighted properly. Not only would this leave your site vulnerable, but it may cause considerable damage to parked cars, nearby property and passing pedestrians.
  • Never bury any of your rental materials. Grading contractors will grade right up to and over temporary fencing. It is not easy to pull out these materials once they are buried. The fabric will almost surely need to be replaced because it doesn’t stretch or spring back into shape.

It is crucial that you remember that while our temporary fencing is installed on your site, you are responsible for taking caring of it. If you are in need for any temporary fence for an upcoming job or project, please contact us today for your free quote.

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