Construction Season is Here; Time for Temporary Fence

Construction season has officially begun, and American Fence Rental is ready to meet your immediate site security needs. They have over five thousand temporary fence panels in stock, equating to over 13 miles of temporary site security fence. Standing ready at American Fence Rental are over 40 installation crews ready to load-up and start securing your site. To get your own quote, please click on the “Free 24-Hour Quote” button on the American Fence Rental website and complete their quick and easy form. If you need immediate service, you can also contact one of their 8 service centers.

Tricks of the Trade

American Fence Rental has their finger on the pulse of the site security industry. Because of their large 14-state service area, they have a collective knowledge of what is going on in the Midwest construction market. Listed below are three trends that they have picked up on:

  • Architects are no longer requiring “site security fencing,” but are stating within the general conditions that “The contractor adequately secure the site against vandalism and theft and ensure public safety.” This has a lot of contractors confused about whether to provide temporary fencing for security or not. It is not until there is an unfortunate incident or theft that owners and architects start blaming the contractor for failing to meet the general conditions for site security. Contractors are being held responsible for any delays and costs to meet project deadlines as a result. It would be reckless to interpret this new construction language to mean that temporary site security fencing is no longer required. This new language is a broader and more strict statement to contractors to provide more general security measures including cameras, site security fencing, on-site security personnel and monitored services.
  • There has been a big increase in motion detection devices and security cameras across the construction industry. In large part, this is due to the ease of installation, maintenance, and cost of this equipment. There are many multi-camera systems that can connect to site Wi-Fi. These systems run on an easy to download and use handheld device apps. Most of these systems can be purchased for a few hundred dollars and can be installed in just minutes. In addition, many of these systems come with motion detection and will send an alert to your mobile phone and activate the camera. Best of all, many of these systems offer cloud storage for recording time lapse footage of the past hours’, days’ and weeks’ events.
  • Make sure you don’t forget your “This area has video surveillance” sign. Motion detectors and cameras are great but the basic intent is to prevent theft and trespassing. Installing proper signage along your security fencing every hundred feet will let others know your site is not an easy target. The vast majority of the construction site break-ins don’t occur at the main entrance, but instead at the rear of the property. These signs are reasonably price and send a strong, clear message.

American Fence Rental is more than just a rental fence company. They are a professional security contractor that provides real solutions for construction rental fencing, access control, gates barricades and screening. For immediate site security, please feel free contact them today.

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