Mission Dispensary makes history with help from PalmSHIELD

PalmSHIELD helps Mission Dispensary make history Mission Dispensary made history in Allentown, Pennsylvania by becoming the city’s very first medical marijuana facility—and they chose PalmSHIELD to be apart of it. ProMax Fence Systems installed PalmSHIELD’s horizontal louver fence system at the dispensary.  The mechanical equipment screening faces the front of the building and complements itsContinue Reading

American Access Company: The Newest Division of American Fence Company

Please help us give a warm welcome to American Access Company! American Access Company is the newest division of American Fence Company. This new enterprise focuses solely on access control systems, gate operators and barriers. We have a team of specialists trained by the manufacturers to design, install and maintain your automated gate and accessContinue Reading

How to Guide on Preparing for Temporary Fencing Installation

When the crew shows up to install your temporary fence, you don’t want to keep them standing around and waiting on you while you rush to try and figure out where exactly to put your temporary construction fencing. You also don’t want to call the crew back because you put the rental fence in theContinue Reading

How to Maintain your Temporary Fence: Tips and Tricks

As a rental item, the party who rented temporary fencing has the responsibility to maintain it. Listed below are some pieces of advice from us for maintaining your temporary fence to avoid any fees at the end of your rental. During the warmer months weeds will surely grow up, around and through your chain linkContinue Reading

Cloisters meets guests with America’s Gate

When you’re going away from the weekend to a retreat to immerse yourself in nature and spirituality, you want to make sure you’re going to be taken care of. A premium gate is an easy and solid way to establish this credibility and peace-of-mind. Cloisters on the Platte invites all their residents in with anContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD Equipment Screening vs. the Competitors: A Comparison Chart

In case you’ve ever wondered how PalmSHIELD equipment screening stacks up to other manufacturers, they made an easy-to-read and simple chart! As you can see, PalmSHIELD more than holds their own and is a top quality choice for all your equipment screening needs.

How to Set Fence Posts with Fast Setting Grout

No matter if it’s your first time installing a fence or you’ve installed many, you are sure find some helpful information in this article to help you set fence posts with fast setting grout. This “How To” guide will walk you through the process, step-by-step, to ensure the best application of fast setting grout forContinue Reading

All You Need to Know about Horizontal Cantilever Gate Trusses

What is a horizontal cantilever gate truss? It is a single plane truss, very much like a building truss. Relative to cantilever gates, it is a rigid frame made from smaller tubing. It may be integrated into the gate frame at the time of fabrication or it can be an independent truss with a completeContinue Reading

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